Tonikaku Cawaii: And The Waters Of Desolation Are Let Loose

We were all expecting it weren’t we? From my predictions years ago to the new wave of speculations which arose during the airing of the first season of Tonikaku Cawaii, a lot of people had been expecting something drastic to happen, and now? The time has come.

Fair warning, this article is going to deal with the latest information we have from the manga, so there are going to be heavy, heavy spoilers. Having said that, let’s begin.

Where do I even begin? In chapter 141 of the manga, we see the girls from the movie club at the school Nasa teaches at, the ones who were making that horror movie, discuss the tale of the Moon Princess Kaguya, and how they don’t really know the actual origin of the story. The girls then talk about a supposed elixir of immortality that Kaguya-hime left behind for the emperor at the time, which would prevent him from ageing and dying, but the emperor had one of his subordinates burn said elixir at the top of the mountain, which from then on gained the moniker of ‘The Immortal Mountain’, aka Mount Fuji. The discussion moves on to how it was a waste to not use that elixir and gain immortality, but the aptly named Kaguya interjects and says that the emperor made the right decision, because without Kaguya-hime, him being immortal would just leave him in eternal solitude, as he would watch anything and everything he loved or had relations with wither away and die before his eyes. While Kaguya’s narration goes on, the panels cut to show the figure of Tsukasa standing in some ruins at night, dressed in traditonal attire, all flashback style. Then there is one half page panel which is Tsukasa’s side profile with a melancholic look and a reminder that immortality would be pretty lonely. The final part of the chapter is Nasa thinking about how he first met Tsukasa, and the fact that even though she tanked a hit from a truck for him, where there should have been blood on her body and clothes, there was none.

Some things to discuss here, first Kurenai, the short haired girl, jokes about their friend Kaguya giving the elixir to the emperor herself and calling drinking it a bad decision. Now this is probably just Kurenai being herself, the dense jokster that she is. Not too much to analyze here hopefully. Next, there have been many blatant hints throughout the manga alluding to Tsukasa being much older than she appears, but none have been as explicit as the panels Hata-sensei drew in the aforementioned, ‘immortality would be lonely’ talk. Kaguya also seems somewhat suspicious as it feels as if she is speaking about immortality from experience. The thing about Tsukasa not being bloodied after a hit from an isekai machine speaks to her possessing immortality, but we kinda knew she wasn’t normal from the get go, when she actually survived the truck-hit.

Now this is just some set up for the bombshells that are going to be dropped. First, I should probably go back for a bit and talk about chapter 140.5, or chapter XXX, unofficially titled, ‘Eternity is found here’. It’s basically an assurance of a happy ending. Don’t read this if you want to writhe in tension for a longer period of time.

The chapter is basically set a few months, or maybe few years, from the present time in the manga. Tsukasa’s great-aunt, Tokiko Tsukuyomi, is dead, and Nasa and Tsukasa have come to the base of Mount Fuji in the winter, specifically December, to scatter her ashes in the river there. It seems that Kaguya is also with them, tying into chapter 141, where Kaguya seems to have somewhat of a connection with Tsukasa and her experiences. Nasa and Tsukasa then talk in vague terms about all they’ve been through (obviously, because the author doesn’t want to give away his plot), but the gist of it is that Nasa didn’t know about Tsukasa’s secrets before they were married, and this is important for our discussion of the next chapter, and that Tokiko knew some things that even Tsukasa didn’t know about herself.

They then start talking about how Tokiko might have been worried that once they knew everything about each other, their love might not have lasted, but then Nasa comes in with his absolutely naive chad smoothness and tells Tsukasa that the way he felt about her has never changed, and that Tokiko was worried about nothing. Tsukasa then thanks him for coming along all the way on her journey with her, and then tells him that they’re still an immature couple and will be spending a lot more time together to become even more wonderful. Almost brings a tear to the eye.

With that context provided, we now move on to the next chapter, chapter 142.

Now chapter 142 is also a big, big flag raiser, since it starts out with what seems to be Tsukasa reminiscing about some things from her past, and one of the things that stands out most seems to be the fact that she doesn’t remember her own true name, and that she has gone by the name that someone else, presumably Tokiko, gave her. The flashback then moves on to Tsukasa telling us how she saved a child on a whim, from some ruins in what seems like war time or post world war two Japan. That kid she saved is almost definitely Tokiko, as she’s wearing the same hair ornament that old lady Tokiko always wears. We then get to know about how kid Tokiko promised to fulfill Tsukasa’s wish, and we then cut to a rocket blasting off into space, to the moon, and then Tsukasa tells us that Tokiko did indeed fulfill her wish.

The flashback ends, and we got what seems to a pretty standard chapter for Tonikaku Cawaii, until the end, where Nasa starts talking about how he and Tsukasa had their first kiss when they got married. Tsukasa gets flustered, and asks if he is joking. This happens because according to Tsukasa, their first kiss happened on their first meeting, after she saved him from being isekai-ed by Truck-kun. It turns out that Nasa doesn’t remember at least half of what happened on that day, because of you know, sustaining severe injuries. Tsukasa is visibly shocked as she realizes that Nasa has no idea of the events that happened after she saved him that day. They have food normally, go to sleep normally, and then Nasa wakes up to find Tsukasa’s futon neatly folded and Tsukasa gone.

This is where we are at right now with Tonikaku Cawaii, and I have been dying to find out what’s going to happen next. Of course, with a mangaka like Hata Kenjiro, it might literally be nothing, and Tsukasa’s just working in the bath house in the next chapter, or she’s gone to take advice from Tokiko or something, but I don’t think that’s likely. I believe that Nasa and us, the readers, are going to find out the full truth about Tsukasa this arc.

I believe that in the time period that Nasa doesn’t remember, Tsukasa must have told him something extremely important. Something which relates to her background and true identity, maybe even something that might end up putting the both of them in danger. When Tsukasa married Nasa, she was under the impression that he knew that important piece of information and was willing to share in whatever it would lead to, but now that she realized that Nasa has completely forgotten this crucial piece of information, she panicked/left, either because she thinks if she reveals that information now, Nasa is going to be pissed and leave her, or because she believes revealing that information now is somehow going to put them in danger, and she doesn’t want to implicate an unknowing Nasa.

I know it’s a bit late, I’ve been caught up in some things, exams, work, hololive, and WandaVision, you know, normal people stuff. I also wanted to give enough time for people who wanted to have read the latest chapter of Tonikaku Cawaii to actually have read it. And man have I been using tags wrong all this while.

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall be meeting again soon enough.

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