Oh My God Tenet Is Amazing

This is going to be a shorter than regular post, mostly because I don’t have much to talk about, but I just came back from watching Tenet and my mind is utterly blown. Like, oh my god, that movie, it is a unique experience, and I do mean it in a very, very positive manner.

This poster is so beautiful, the entire aesthetic of the movie is beautiful

What can I say about this movie? I really liked it, like a lot. Like a lot lot.

I’m not going to give any spoilers, but it starts out with a distinct purpose, and sets up Chekov’s Guns which are absolutely utilized later on. Both the beginning and the end of the movie have a uniquely confusing feel, first as we, the viewer, are rushed through some fast paced, high stakes scenes which we really don’t know much about, and then introduced to a concept we don’t fully understand. Unlike the case with Interstellar, we, and The Protagonist(He’s called this because we also don’t know his name), are told really early, don’t try to understand too much of what’s happening, and that is sound advice, because halfway through the second act, things become really twisted, what with the time travel and all. It’s a common fact by this point that time travel is a hard to tackle subject, especially in entertainment.

I also really loved the impermanent aesthetic of this movie, the fleeting sense of time and action it imposes upon the viewer. Christopher Nolan is a gifted director, and by god what a gift this movie is. There’s always this tension, like there’s something big happening, even though we don’t know what it is, and there is actually something big happening, but to telegraph that through the atmosphere of the movie itself is such a beautiful, and incredibly difficult to pull off maneuver. I can’t even fathom how Nolan managed to pull off such a directorial feat, conveying the epic in minuscule detail, and conveying minuscule details in the epic.

The actors also pull off an amazing job. I was surprised to see Robert Pattinson actually doing well in a serious role, he is actually a really good actor. For those dear readers who don’t know or don’t remember, this is the dude who played Edward Cullen in Twilight, and I can assure you, he is so much better than that. John David Washington was really good as well. This is like his third major role, and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. Elizabeth Debicki, the actress playing the female lead in the movie, also delivered a great performance, I kinda remembered her face, but couldn’t recall where I remembered her from, and after I checked her Wikipedia page, she played the whacko who was the head of the golden bodied freaks in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. She was also in The Night Manager. This movie just had amazing performances throughout.

This movie has a pretty complex plot, and when I say complex, I do mean complex. There are plans within plans within plans, but I guess that’s to be expected from the director of Inception and Interstellar. Even by the end, we don’t really have a true grasp on what the true nature of the conflict and the extent of the abilities possessed by either side are. There are a lot of questions which remain unanswered, but honestly, for the purposes of this movie, those questions didn’t need to be answered. The ending also lends itself well to the entire complex nature of this movie, and definitely feels like it could set up a sequel. Or prequel. Or both at the same time, since you know, time travel. The reveal at the end is so good, even though it comes right after a somewhat sad twist, it’s just amazing.

I’m still shot up with dopamine after having watched the movie, but I distinctly remember my friend, who watched it much earlier than me, telling me that every one of Christopher Nolan’s movies are amazing, but they tend to have one ‘fatal flaw’. With Interstellar it was the mind bending physics which most of the general viewers had a hard time grasping, with The Prestige, it was actually in the story and how pointless it got, but with Tenet, he told me there is not fatal flaw. He said that by every standard he could think of, Tenet was perfect. And while he is the film student, I would tend to disagree, just on the basis that nothing is perfect, but I understand the sentiment. It’s actually difficult thinking of something negative to say about Tenet.

Farewell for now my dear readers, I was planning on writing a post about Grappler Baki, but ended watching and writing about Tenet. I don’t even want to do anything right now, my mind is so saturated with satisfaction after watching Tenet that I just had to write this post. Goddman and godspeed, the Baki post is going to be coming soon.

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