Summer 2020 Watchlist And Recommendations!

Hoooh! It is hot out here, and I’m not just referring to the apocalyptic amounts of heat that even an aircon can’t curb! No! I’m talking about all the amazing anime we have this summer!

The Summer 2020 anime season is upon us and along with it come many, many amazing shows. I am so hyped for this season, specifically because of one anime which are being released. Long time dear readers will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Though this year, there are no summer lilies and random bursts of refreshing winds, since we’re all cooped up inside, there is still the hope in our hearts that we’ll get to see some real good anime, and while I’m not the biggest seasonal follower, this season, at least in my opinion, has a lot of potential bangers worth following.

So let’s get into my summer watchlist now!

  1. Fire Force Season 2(Enn Enn no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou)
Starting summer off with a bang

What better anime to start off a summer watchlist than one where people literally randomly burst into flames(no, that’s not a spoiler). I watched season one of the anime, and I loved it. I regretted not writing a post on it at the time, but I seriously loved the jazzy opening and the flawless animation in the fight scenes. Here’s to the hope that season 2 brings us some more of that fiery goodness.

2. OreGairu Season 3(Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan)

Ayy, the wait for the ending is killing me

Finally, the long awaited finale to the much loved OreGairu series(one of my personal favorites) is here, and while the fourteenth volume of the light novel had been released earlier, it doesn’t have an english translation, and the official translation won’t be caught up for at least a few years, and I didn’t want to try reading it in japanese, since my japanese isn’t on a level where I can grasp all the nuance and understand the author’s intent completely via written word. Thus the anime comes as a pleasant saving grace. From what I’ve heard from friends who’ve read the final volume(I’ve read up until volume thirteen btw, it’s sad), I don’t even know how to feel. I am thankful this anime has come around to alleviate my fears. I don’t even know what I’m talking about any more, I just know I’m gonna binge this at the end and entirely avoid reddit and stuff to not spoil myself accidentally, though i guess the first few weeks should be fine since I know everything until volume 13.

3. God Of Highschool

Not much to say about this, it was the second manhwa I ever read and the first where I actually read a substantial amount, and I know that the first sixty or so episodes will be pretty good(if it gets that far). The action scenes are gonna be epic and there’s a decent story and plot progression, so I have hopes for this season of the anime. Later on it becomes a little of a drag, but that’s much later on, so no need to worry about this season at all. It’s gonna be good.

4. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha

This was one of those light novel series that I wasn’t expecting to get an anime anytime soon. Even the online translation only started picking up a bit in 2019 and probably only ramped up recently due to the announcement of the anime. I know this series is gonna have at least one amazingly epic scene, one pretty tragic scene and quite a bit of awkwardness. I’d really like to see how well the light novel actually transitions to anime. Plot wise, it’s a mixture of a magical school, OP main character and reincarnation tropes.

5. Kanojo, Okarishimasu

This is a series the manga of which I only picked up recently, but from I’ve read this will be a pretty nice show to follow weekly. One of the main advantages this series over other weird romance type series is that I feel that the art of the manga is quite well suited to be adapted to anime, and by itself is also very nice to look at. The premise is basically a spin on the girlfriend/boyfriend for hire trope, and is quite feel-goodey in nature.

6. Monster Musume No Oisha-san

Now this was one light novel I was actually expecting to see adapted in 2019. I’ve been reading the light novel for about two years now and there are five officially translated volumes, with the sixth volume scheduled for a release in a month or so. After the popularity of My Daily Life With Monster Girls and the ever so popular ‘snek waifu’, I had no doubt this would be adapted into an anime. The premise is a medical professional getting into sexy situations with his patients, who happen to be monster girls. Pretty good for an occasional binge, like maybe three episodes at a time.

7. Dokyuu Hentai HxEros

This is actually the first entry on the list that I haven’t heard about before at all. The premise of the evil thingies draining human sexual energy and a group of highschoolers fighting them off has ‘inspiration’ from a few different sources, but with a name like this anime has, I have to check it out. Hopefully it turns out good.

8. Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai

I wasn’t expecting this series to get an anime adaptation this soon. I love this series, it’s so nice. The two main are equally dense idiots, who obviously like each other. The girl, Uzaki Hana is the kouhai of Sakurai Shinichi, in college, and they were part of the same swim team/club in highschool. The story mainly revolves around their interactions, the comedy that arises when these two are left together and also the comedy that some of the side characters bring to the table. I will always the remember the long-running misunderstanding that Hana’s mother has about Shinichi, as one of the best comedic moments in these kind of rom-com type anime. There’s a lot of standard rom-com fare and not much(or even any) plot, but it’s the kind of story that’s going to be nice to binge occasionally, same as before, three or so episodes at a time.

Well, that’s all the anime I’ll be watching this Summer season of anime. As for any movies, I’ll update you guys as I go along. I know I haven’t posted as soon as I said I would post, but the circumstances leading up to that have resulted in material for another post, which I will be posting soon, so stay tuned for that. I have some nice posts coming up this week, and I am pumped to get back into writing frequently again.

Farwell for now my dear readers, we shall be meeting again soon enough.

P.S This season I’m going to try doing episodic reviews. Let’s see how that idea goes.

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