Why I Like Gigguk Now: Why DomeKano, Why?!

So I’ve never really been a fan of Gigguk on youtube. Nothing against him in particular, I don’t follow most anitubers, but even the videos of him I did watch seem very reactionary, which is a category of content which has it’s own audience, but I’m not part of that audience.

The only thing I’ve known about the man is that he’s engaged to sydsnap and is a hardcore Domestic Girlfriend fan, and his latest video about the ending of Domestic Girlfriend really made me relate to him. I have been avoiding talking about all manga that have ended recently, like DomeKano and Demon Slayer and Yuragi-sou No Yuuna-san, like I have been avoiding most things recently, but I guess after watching his video I felt a kindred spirit.

Go watch the video, it’s very funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErTEqW1_25c

I’ll be talking about the ending myself in due time. Currently, I’m writing a post on Wortenia Senki which should be out today, and a new manga I found recently.

All us Domestic Girlfriend fans are hurting a lot because of how what happened happened and I’ll be damned that a staunch team Hina supporter like myself is bummed that Hina won in the end. I just feel so bad for Rui, like I get the instinct to add drama to a story, but seriously, it’s like a substance addiction, too much drama is harmful for health.

Anyways, farewell my dear readers, I’m trying to be more active on the website again. We’ll be meeting each other again pretty soon.

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