Overall Summer 2019 Anime Season Thoughts

Another sultry summer comes to a close as the singing birds, buzzing cicadas and chirruping crickets give way to a more subdued time of the year, where nature decided to take a small nap before the proverbial commercial storm that is winter. Fall slowly falls upon us and a new and exciting crop anime will become available for harvest in a few weeks.

Before we move on to the new season of anime, we, or at least I, shall observe a moment of introspection upon this summer season and thank it for it’s bountiful blessings of good anime and not sully the mood too much with the smatterings of trash which always find themselves present in seasonal anime listings.

This was an incredibly diverse anime season, with many heavy hitters making their way to the forefront of the anime frontier. We had some amazing new heavyweights with amazing animation and deep production values like Dr.Stone, En En No Shouboutai(Fire Force), Vinland Saga, Kanata No Astra and Oh Maidens In Your Savage Season! Just in the heavyweights, we can see a mix of lighthearted shounen, serious shounen, mature anime like Vinland Saga, a retrospective slice of life like Oh Maidens! and even a twist on a classic lost in space story in Kanata No Astra.

Also in the heavywieghts, this time ongoing from Spring 2019, Kimetsu No Yaiba basically redefined the limits for how beautiful an action scene could be in anime.

Moving away from the major players, we move on to the isekai weeds that inevitably grow along with the major crop. We had Isekai Cheat Magician. which is absolute trash, however, in true isekai fashion, growing amongst the weeds, we discovered two amazing elixirs, Okaa-san Online and If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord(Uchi No Musume), both being light novel adaptations.

Okaa-san online is a series beyond words, if milf isekai doesn’t appeal to you, then I don’t think we can be friends(just kidding, but it is really good). There are some really stupid moments in this anime, but you don’t watch an anime like Okaa-san online for the plot, you watch it for the ‘plot’. Uchi No Musume is pretty good, but I’ve read the light novel and I didn’t appreciate the ending, so i would rather not go through this story again. That’s just my personal opinion. Maaou-sama Retry! was also an isekai this season which I watched for a few episodes and will finish. I wouldn’t call it trash, but it’s also not that good, it’s a middle of the pack kind of deal. I wouldn’t recommend it anymore. The Arifureta anime, however the novel may be, was a pile of smelly, runny, disgusting, dog shit. Stay as far away from it as you can.

Now let’s talk about some of the smaller production anime which were pretty good. Given was unexpectedly good. I liked the emotionally charged moments that were the highlights in a lot of the episodes. Wasteful Days Of Highschool girls was also really good. I love to laugh, and my god did I laugh while watching this anime. I haven’t watched Granbelm, but from what I’ve gathered from fellow blogger, Irina-san’s posts about the series. it’s pretty good.

Talking about things that were pretty good, the ecchi this season was amazing! From known manga adaptations like Dumbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, a show entirely about cute girls exercising(Hibiki-chan and Tachibana-sensei are my favorties! Long live seasonal waifus!) to the ultimate clumsy sempai in Tejina-sempai and the messed up waifus in Hensuki, my ecchi-loving heart was about to burst from the high quality ecchi anime we got this season.

Finally, i would like to draw attention to one of the Godesses of the Otaku Temple, Takagi-san. I may be an Otaku Kami, but even I worship Takagi-san. This summer, we got the second season of Karakai Juzou No Takagi-san(Skilled Teaser Takagi-san). I absolutely love this anime. I love the cutesy plans that Nishikata makes and how they are always nonchalantly destroyed by Takagi-san. I love the simple, clean setting of the two middle schoolers in a small town, no sexual connotations, no idiotic maturity, only summer stupidity. I think these words sum this anime up pretty well. There are unexpectedly emotional moments peppered throughout this anime, and they are present in just the right dosage that don’t become overbearing and actually contribute to the growing dynamic between Nishikata and Takagi-san. I love the simple, clean visuals. I love this anime.

These are my thoughts on this anime season. I’m looking forward to Fall 2019, but I’m looking forward to Winter 2019-2020 even more, because I know that this Winter will have some of the heaviest hitters of the year.

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall meet again soon enough, cause baby I’m back!

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