Gotoubun No Hanayome ch98: Their Daily Lives Come To An End

Once again we find ourselves on a familiar battlefield. Thankfully, contrary to the name of this chapter, the chapter itself isn’t some emotionally heavy stuff, but this chapter is quite important.

First of all, we find out that Futarou’s father and the quintuples’ father know each other from their school days and that there is a school reunion coming up. That may be an important set piece for a plot later on.

Secondly, we finally see Miku properly confront her feelings and confess to Fuu-kun, unlike the fakeout in Kyoto.

What I noticed the most however, was the fact that Yotsuba’s various ventures were put into light and discussed during Futarou and Miku’s ‘date’, which leads me to believe that the next major plot arc will be regarding Yotsuba’s resolution arc. Also the fact that she’s the cover image. This is important, as the resolution arcs of all but Yotsuba have begun. Miku with her confession, Itsuki with her decision to become a teacher, Ichika with her recent resolution of feelings and becoming an actress, Nino with her trying to garner Fuu-kun’s attention.

I may be looking into it a little too much, but that’s what my intuition says.

Miku also reveals her intention to study cooking and become a chef. We also get some plot progression into terms of Itsuki.

The chapter ends with the school festival starting, marking the end of this transitory phase of the manga.

This frame is suspicious. There is the obvious flag, but also a creeping feeling that this image might lead up to something more.

From all that has happened in this chapter, I am most interested in seeing the relationship and dynamic between Futarou’s father and the Nakano quints’ father, because I believe their relationship will have a profound impact on the events leading up to the climax of this series, especially because of that one scene in one of the chapters where everyone is actually at the wedding(the main story is actually a bunch of flashbacks) and Futarou’s father and daddy Nakano have an interesting exchange which seemed trivial earlier, but may be foreshadowing for the future.

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall meet again soon enough.

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