Dragons Rioting: How To Completely Fuck Up A Decent Manga

I’m not sure how many of you know about Dragons Rioting or the circumstances behind it’s constant problems it faced before it’s untimely end, but strap in, for this is quite the amusing tale.

I just feel bad for this series

Dragons Rioting was a manga by mangaka Tsuyoshi Watanabe and ran for nine volumes. It’s officially licensed and available for purchase in english on amazon. It follows the misadventures of Tachibana Rintaro, who was diagnosed with Hentai Syndrome at an early age, meaning he could potentially die due to sexual arousal. Subsequently, his father takes him up to a mountain and trains him in a special martial arts style which helps him completely clear his mind of any distraction. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly, but I faintly remember something along the lines of ‘Bright Moon Reflected On A Clear Lake’.

You can check shit out here and here and here. You can buy it here.

When Rintaro turns sixteen, his father thinks he’s finally ready to face the real world of sexual arousal and so he enrolls Rintaro into a highschool. What Rintaro doesn’t know is that the school he’s going to is one of those types of schools where the students run the place and decide everything by fighting and martial arts, cause it’s a martial arts school. Also, it’s a former all girls school.

At the top of the school stand three students with the title of dragons, the leader of the third years, Kagamiin Kyouka. She initially has a hostile relationship with Rintaro, but it eventually turns into a begrudging admiration and acceptance, and also potential ‘interest’. She is known as the Kougouryu, or the Gleaming Hard Dragon

The second dragon, leader of the second years, Rino, is known as the Ransuiryu, or the Storming Emerald Dragon and is a shit character.

The final dragon, one of the first years, Ayane, is known as the Senseiryu, the Flashing Star Dragon. She has the closest relationship with Rintaro as she’s one of the first people he encounters after arriving at the school and is the girl whom he most frequently has ‘lucky lecher’ moments with. She actually becomes his disciple after witnessing his immense strength.

The story is really nice and enjoyable upto a point. I think it peaks when Rintaro fights with the previous generation dragons, Ren and Meru, and gains their approval. Up until this point, there is now weird bullshit to the story barring the normal absurdity expected of such a manga. Then it starts hurtling downhill, in such an unexpected and shocking manner that you’re left speechless at the end.

First there’s the unnecessary over-complication of the plot for no real reason, the fact that Rintaro goes from being an actually badass character to no more than a gag, that too a severely unfunny gag, the sudden introduction of a million new characters in the last few fucking chapters and the stupidity that struts about in the last volume of this manga, they all make me want to actually go and murder the author.

The manga was doing so well, the fights were nice and the ecchi-comedy was hitting the mark, but then the mangaka had to go and introduce all these stupid gags, it’s maddening. There’s also the fact that the manga faced a lot of problems regarding copyrights and stuff due to certain elements used in the later chapters to gagify Rintaro.

I really liked this manga till chapter thirty or so, after which it just becomes retarded. I like the concept of the dragons and Rintaro’s Hentai Syndrome, but the way these things are addressed in the later chapters are just downright infuriating.

I would recommend that you guys buy the first seven or so volumes and pretend the last two don’t exist, well, you might want to read the last chapter as well. You know what to do(*wink*).

It’s honestly sad when you see a manga with potential devolve into something degenerate like Dragons Rioting did. I liked most of the characters and story, but the mangaka fucked up so much in the last twenty-ish chapters that the manga became unsalvageable. May our lord and saviour Miku Hatsune rest it’s soul in Voca-Heaven. Amen.

I had such high expectations for this manga!

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall meet again soon enough.

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