Hensuki Episode 4: Nanjo-San Wa Fujoshi Desu!

Oh man! I have been waiting to get to this part of the anime. Last episode, we saw melodrama between Kiryu and Nanjo. This episode, we get to see it’s culmination.

The episode starts off with Kiryu becoming awfully poetic about his first interaction with Nanjou(I alternate between Nanjo and Nanjou because the one without u is supposed to have a dash on top of the o, but I can’t put that in the text, so… deal with it).

Yuika-chan and Sayuki-senpai barely make an appearance in this episode, though it does display them in a different light for the short time they appear on screen. For one, Yuika-chan apologizes for going overboard and tying Kiryu up and trying to get him to kiss her foot. She also acts kind in her own manner, noticing that Kiryu is actually facing a problem at the moment.

That’s actually not that surprising
She’s actually cute when she’s not talking about slaves and stuff
Sayuki-senpai is a goddess. Goddess. She’s a goddess
still a goddess

Sayuki-senpai does the same thing, promising to behave and not go after him in public, but jokes about seducing him in private(lucky bastard!)

Then we move on to the main focus of the episode, Nanjo and the fact that she’s a fujoshi. For the unacquainted, fujoshis are female otakus who specialize in the subject of BL, or Boy’s Love, you may know of it as Yaoi(though there are some differences, Yaoi is closer to hentai while BL is closer to shoujo manga) or manga with gay people, specifically guys, getting it on. Her personality completely changes when she goes into ‘fujoshi mode’, going from a stoic figure of few words to your typical otaku raving about his or her favorite whatever. The gap is more funny than moe, and it works beautifully.

The hints have been numerous. The fact that she always glanced at Shoma(Kiryu’s lolicon friend) and Kiryu together and blushed, or her cameo in episode 2, when we see her in stereotypical otaku/fujoshi getup, with the rounded spectacles and all. This episode just makes it obvious with how she reacts when Shoma accidentally kabedons(wall slams) Kiryu to prevent him from falling.

This happens when Kiryu, Shoma and Nanjo are hanging out at an arcade after Nanjo said that she wanted to hang out like the old times. After they’re done, Kiryu offers to escort Nanjo home, and on the way back, it seems like Nanjo is going to confess to Kiryu and the mystery of Cinderella will finally be solved, but the rain messes things up.

While they’re taking shelter from the rain, Kiryu sees Nanjo looking at a photo of Shoma for reference for one of the doujins she was drawing, but Kiryu mistakes it as Nanjo liking Shoma and asks her about it, leading to Nanjo becoming pissed off, because even though she’s a fujoshi and ships Kiryu X Shoma, she still likes Kiryu in a romantic manner.

Damn, this girl be sending mixed messages

Kiryu then manages to have Nanjo hear him out the next day, leading to the scene where you think it’s a confession(and it is), but the thing being confessed turns out to be the fact that Nanjo is a fujoshi. She basically begs Kiryu to try to seduce Shoma and then threatens to interfere in his relationships if he doesn’t, making the watcher and Kiryu believe that she doesn’t have any interest in him.

This frame could have been drawn much better

This is of course proven to be untrue a few seconds later when she talks to herself about how she shouldn’t blame Kiryu for her lack of courage, referencing the fact that she wasn’t bold enough to confess to him.

I mean, I knew this was gonna happen, but during the scene in the arcade when Nanjo starts clicking pictures of Shoma’s accidental kabedon on Kiryu, no joke, I got up out of my chair, did a lap around the house and shouted, “Nanjo-san wa fujoshi desu!”. Very weebly of me, I know, but I still did it. Hence the title of this post.

That confrontation where she reveals she’s a fujoshi is fucking comedy gold! The deadpan humor just creeps on you and you start laughing without even realizing you’re laughing.

This episode is much better than the previous one, probably being the best episode uptil now. Once again, I like the art, I like the sound track, I like the playfully teasing direction of this episode, it’s a really good watch. Good job Geek Toys and Seven, good job.

The episode ends with Kiryu receiving a huge shock. Watch it to find out why.

That was episode 4.

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall meet again soon enough.

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