Hensuki Episode 3: Dealing With Fetishists

In the last episode of Hensuki, we left off with Yuika-chan shoving her panties into Kiryu’s mouth and him fainting. Now, he wakes up in his bed after having a pretty funny nightmare.

This episode really doesn’t concentrate on any single character per se, it starts off by showing how Yuika-chan and Sayuki-senpai actually crave his attention and then moves to the various shenanigans they pull to make him conform to their ideals. Sayuki-senpai forces him to grope her(*wink**wink*) and Yuika-chan deceives him and ties him up.

That’s one lucky key!
Insert ‘Imaaaagination’ meme

Yuika-chan then tries to force Kiryu to kiss her feet and says she’ll take his first kiss if he doesn’t. Now this is a big deal because for Kiryu, love is very important and to him, it seems like Sayuki-senpai and Yuika-chan are forcing themselves on him due to their fetishistic desires rather than feelings of love(while failing to understand that they wouldn’t do those things if they didn’t like him)


Kiryu is saved by Sayuki-senpai’s timely appearance, who confronts Yuika and Kiryu gets to know that the two already know about each other’s true intentions, which was the actual reason why the two kept fighting.

The two start fighting over Kiryu and it seems he’s stuck between a cliff and hard place, but is saved by the appearance of Nanjou, his classmate and one of the candidates who could be ‘Cinderella’.

Nanjou hauls him away and then confronts him about always bending to Sayuki-senpai and Yuika-chan’s whims. She then states in a pretty obvious manner that she likes him, but Kiryu, being our cliched, dense, romantic protagonist, does not understand why Nanjou is getting so angry.


Man am I tired of this trope.

This is also the first appearance of another common trope in anime, the angel and devil in agreement. You know that thing where an angel and devil pop up on the shoulders of the protagonist and advise him, often conflictingly? Well, anime has a version of that which is quite hilarious as you’ll see.

That’s one weak-ass angel

This episode mainly serves to show how Kiryu’s thought process works. He’s fairly stupid when it comes to situational awareness and highly values affection and love, hence his tentativeness towards refusal when dealing with Sayuki-senpai and Yuika-chan, his situational unawareness coming into play as he’s incapable of understanding the feelings they hold towards him.

This will play a huge role in the series as a whole. Overall, this episode is more like a transitory episode for later in the series, and as such is an important watch, even though I may not rate it as highly as the previous two episodes. Next episode is going to be much more focused on Nanjou, I believe.

Also, I’ve noticed people saying that they don’t like the glossy art style of the anime, but I actually kinda like it so… And if you’re so inclined(we all are), you can check out the manga for better eye-candy and ‘exposition’ and ‘plot’.

P.S: The LN isn’t complete yet, but I’m totally rooting for Sayuki-senpai X Kiryu-kun, because Sayuki-senpai is da best!

Farewell for now my dear readers, we shall meet again quite quickly.

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