Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Is Surprisingly Deep

I really like my slice of life type comedy, cutesy anime. They’re fun to watch and also don’t make your emotions go haywire, so when I started watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, I was pleasantly surprised by the message conveyed in each episode and how it made me feel(I’ll only be talking about the anime as I haven’t had time to read the manga)

This anime is so much more than just a slice of life comedy

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a manga series by mangaka Cool-Kyou Shinja, you might remember him as the guy behind I can’t understand what my husband is saying from a previous post. I really like his art style, this cutesy, round and fluffy, happy go lucky art style which is present throughout his body of work. Needless to say, I love the look of the Dragon Maid anime.

The story revolves around the daily life and adventures of Tohru, a mighty dragon who fell in love with a human, Kobayashi, after she saved Tohru whilst in a drunken stupor. To repay the favor and be closer to Kobayashi, Tohru becomes Kobayashi’s personal maid. Soon, many of Tohru’s friends also start appearing regularly. It’s a very fun and moe series, and is pretty light hearted(at most times), however, this series can make you go from laughing really hard and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside to tearing up emotionally in moments. I’ll explain how.

Each episode begins on a fun and light-hearted note, and a problem or conflict is mentioned in passing or hinted at, then at around the 3/4 mark, the happy, fuzzy mood flips over into an emotional mood as some problem or other pops up, or some conflict is discussed and the emotions start rolling, then a little bit before the end, the conflict is resolved, or the characters are comforted by another character and everything returns to a light-hearted tone. This set-up structure has much more power than it’s given credit for.

Interestingly enough, this concept could be applied to the season in it’s entirety, with the main conflict introduced at the beginning, Tohru’s out of place-ness in the human world intensify towards the end of the season. I’m going to leave it at that so that you guys can enjoy the climax of the season.

There is also credit to be given to the animators as they have done a wonderful job re-creating emotions onto these character’s faces and body language.The characters themselves are also extremely lovable. There’s the cool and stoic Kobayashi-san, the jolly-ho Tohru, the cute and shy Kanna, the ara ara onee-san Lucoa and a bunch more characters, like Kanna’s friend, a perverted old uncle(who happens to be female elementary schooler, not an old uncle) and Lucoa’s contractor/the kid Lucoa takes a fancy to(why are these onee-san always shota-cons? First there was the caretaker of sunohara-sou, now this!) and also Kobayashi’s otaku co-worker Takiya-kun.

Here’s your customary My Anime List link.

The series tackles a lot of personal issues in between all the fun and games like fitting in and jealousy and stuff like that, which you wouldn’t first expect when going into such an anime. Every episode has it’s serious moment when the main problem of the episode, whether it be Tohru’s jealousy and feelings of inadequacy or Kanna’s struggle to fit in and not burden Kobayashi or even Fafnir’s monologue about hit’s and misses among humans, it always conveys a positive message at the end, which makes even us, the watcher, feel better about ourselves.

The Opening and Ending themes are also perfect. The cheerful opening theme sets up the mood for the rest of the episode, getting us into the groove before the episode even starts, and that last line, ‘Winner! Chu!” That’s so cute! The Ending on the other hand gives us the perfect mood for moving on and getting on with the rest of our day, it’s bloody awesome. Personally, I like the ending more than the opening, which is a real rarity.

Overall, it’s a fun series with cute dragons and the occasional emotional moment and a really good watch.

By the way, a second season has been green lit!

Farewell for now dear readers, we shall meet again soon enough. Be on the lookout for the Kizumonogatari discussion coming tomorrow.

Update 1: I’ve been reading the manga, and it’s way, way more ecchi than the anime. Much more ecchi. Much, much more ecchi.

Update 2: I’ve caught up to the manga in it’s entirety and I can only say this series keeps on getting better and better, more emotional, more heartwarmingand more ecchi. I would definitely recommend reading the manga after watching the anime. You can start from ch29 of the manga if you’ve watched the first season. There’s a few new characters introduced and spoiler: Kobayashi does awesome magic this one time!

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